Saturday Morning Rounds September 14, 2019 - The gender gap as covered by the NYT over the years

Posted by BossB, MD on September 14, 2019
BossB, MD

Saturday Morning Rounds
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What we're reading

This past week, the New York Times put out a great summary page of their most impactful writing on the gender gap over the years. It features a very share-able video and 9 must-read articles on the topic:

Given that these are A LOT of articles to choose between in just one single Saturday morning, we'll do things a little differently this week and omit our usual commentary + "tip of the week" to give you more time for this great content.

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The #BE19 (Brave Enough '19) conference is happening right now, and Dr. Julie Silver, MD (@JulieSilverMD) is making the best kind of Twitter splash with her talk on how to "Amplify The Voices & Work of Women In Medicine." She's the PM&R Department Chair as well as the Leadership CME Director at Harvard, with a fascinating career that's spanned business, medicine, diversity & inclusion efforts, and seemingly everything in between. Give her a follow to stay up to date with what she's doing!

BBMD tip of the week

Read whichever of those NYT articles most interests you!

Quote we're contemplating

"Being the 'only' can leave you feeling as an outsider when you just want to be in. Learn how to view your status as a strength, not a stigma." - Dolly Chugh (from the What to Do When You’re the Only Woman in the Room article mentioned above)

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Have a wonderful weekend, all!