Saturday Morning Rounds November 7th, 2020 - Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm and how to claim your seat at the table

Posted by BossB, MD on November 7, 2020
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Saturday Morning Rounds

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What got our attention

A Seat at The Table - a virtual museum exhibit about the life and work of Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm.

There are so many reasons we loved visiting this virtual museum about Congresswoman Chisholm this week. First off, it only seems natural to pay homage to the first black woman elected to congress on the cusp of *probably* celebrating the first black woman elected to the executive branch. Speaking of the election - like most people, we couldn't get our minds off politics this week, but a virtual museum tour was a much better way of engaging with the topic than refreshing Twitter and our continually open google search for "election results" every free moment of every day. Lastly, we really miss museums and this was a fun way to experience one in a new medium.

The exhibit itself 

"shares how Congresswoman Chisholm stepped up, claimed her seat at the table of public discourse, and made a difference by representing a wide range of people and issues.

The trailblazing Congresswoman once said, 'If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair' — a phrase that has since served as a mantra and rallying cry for many Americans.

What can you actually expect to see if you "visit?"

"chairs that were created by community groups and individuals during Institute-hosted workshops at schools, community organizations, libraries, and social justice offices. The chair-makers creatively show their thoughts on identity, values, and the social issues that need to be addressed at inclusive tables of power."

It's a powerful, creative installation of works inspired by one of America's most trailblazing public servants. And it's really easy to experience - you can spend a little time and see a lot, or spend hours digging into the pieces, the artists' back-stories, and the like. Regardless of your politics or whether you're a museum person, this is definitely worth checking out this weekend.

PS - We're good friends with some grad students who are doing research on peoples' experience of this installation, so if you'd like to support this work, completing this quick survey would be a wonderful way to do so!

Who we're following

The organization that sponsors this exhibit, the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the US Senate (@EMKInstitute) is one that we just recently learned about, but whose mission:

"Invigorating public discourse, inspiring the next generation of teachers, students, and citizens. Using technology to break new ground in immersive learning."

is definitely something we can get behind. Their profile is full of interesting articles, resources, and other content centered around that topic, so if you're into this kinda thing we definitely recommend a follow.

BBMD tip of the week

Congresswoman Chisholm embodied the energy and power of being willing to "bring your own folding chair," and funnily enough we've used office furniture analogies - tables, to be specific - since our inception to teach about personal power and how to access confidence in contexts where it might not come as naturally.

We often talk about the importance of bringing the confidence you have at the exam table or operating table (or really wherever you feel most self-actualized and powerful) - to the negotiation table. You're the same person - it's just a different table - and remembering + channeling who you are at your best is one of the most effective shortcuts to success in contexts where you might feel out of place.

If you want to learn some more specific tips from our curriculum on how to do this, here's a quick video on the topic:


Quote we're contemplating

“Service is the rent we pay for the privilege of living on this earth.” ― Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm

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Have a wonderful weekend, y'all!