Saturday Morning Rounds March 14, 2020 - Comedic coping pt 2

Posted by BossB, MD on March 14, 2020
BossB, MD

What we're reading

For the second weekly installment of our lighthearted, take-a-break-from-the-world and celebrate Women's History Month version of this newsletter, we're switching continents and turning our eyes to Africa.

In this video, a late-night host heads into the African bush to meet the all-women group of rangers who are protecting animals there. Hilarity ensues, jokes (both good and bad) are told, and inspiration/warm fuzzies abound. Story time!!

Meet the All-Women Group Protecting Animals in Africa from Poachers (again, NSFW and maybe a bit offensive depending on your sensibilities):


Who we're following

And to keep another one of last week's trends running, we're celebrating another hilarious anonymous #MedTwitter parody account! This time it's Sass, MD (@mcsassymd), who definitely lives up to her name and then some. You don't have to scroll far to see what we mean:

BBMD tip of the week

This newsletter isn't the only space that we're trying to inject some lightness into right now, and we've stumbled upon a little tactic that's really working for us so we figured we'd share.

We recently saw a funny post saying something along the lines of "wow today was a hard year."


Here's just a small sample all of the different sources of info & communication coming at us what feels like every single minute right now:

  • News
  • Investment/market stuff
  • Emails from that yoga place you went to one time 3yrs ago saying they're no longer renting mats but classes are still on
  • Group texts of healthcare ppl that are lighting up all the time (your med school group text, your residency group text, your work group text, etc)
  • Group texts of people for whom you're the resident healthcare person that are lighting up all the time (your family group text, your non-medicine friends group text, etc)

And after a week full of restless, "bzzzzz-bzzzzz"-filled (that's our impression of a phone on silent getting a text, btw) nights, we've implemented a new rule: no screens and no virus talk for at least 1hr before bed.

Taking care of yourself is always of the utmost importance - even more so in times like these when there's so much uncertainty and when many of us may be called upon to step up like never before.

So, set an alarm for an hour or two before your bedtime tonight, hit that "do not disturb" button, and find literally anything else to talk about (or don't talk!) for a while. And please let us know if it makes a difference for you <3

Quote we're contemplating

"Life does not cease to be funny when people die any more than it ceases to be serious when people laugh." – George Bernard Shaw

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Have a wonderful weekend, y'all!