Saturday Morning Rounds February 16, 2019 - Differences between male and female decision-making, lifestyle design

Posted by BossB, MD on April 1, 2019
BossB, MD
Saturday Morning Rounds
Saturday Morning Rounds
A weekly round-up of everything that captured our attention over the last 7 days.
What we're reading
Comparison of Postoperative Outcomes among Patients Treated by Male and Female Surgeons: A Population Based Matched Cohort Study by Christopher Wallace, MD (@WallisCJD) et al. and Who's the Better Investor: Men or Women? by Fidelity Investments. What do surgery and investing have in common? Both are systems that MASSIVELY disincentivize mistakes. A surgical error typically does much more harm than a surgical success does good, and the best investors in the world are well-known to focus far more on avoiding losses than on seeking gains (if you start with $100 and lose 10%, you have $90 - to get back to $100 you now have to regain 11.1%). What sets women apart in these areas? Women are, on average, more risk-averse and higher in the Orderliness component of trait-Conscientiousness (but equal in Industriousness, the second component) than men. In fields like medicine and investing, where losses cost us far more than wins gain us, women make better decisions, on average. The real question for us at BBMD, though, is how to best use this data? As we've been building out content on negotiating maternity leave, we've focused on making an economics-based argument for parental leave policies instead of a justice-based one. And while it's tempting to share this data with your negotiation counterpart to show that a female physician is likely to be more economically valuable to her institution than a male physician, we would recommend that you don't. Keep this information for yourself as a way to (a) boost confidence and a foundational belief in your own value, and (b) add some compelling language around the value of traits that don't always inspire big concessions because they're not seen as "exciting," or as possessing a high "upside."
Who we're following
Dr. Qaali Hussein, MD, FACS (@QaaliHussein1) is a trauma surgeon and surgical intensivist who practices in Florida. She is also a devoted wife, the mother of 6 children, a children’s book author, a speaker, and a serial entrepreneur. Her Twitter feed is a well-curated fount of thoughtful commentary on not only the latest medical news, but also on the important topic of representation, and much more. On top of being a great Tweeter, she's also our first podcast guest! Our chat about maternity leave and having children during training - she had all of her's during surgical residency, an act often deemed "impossible" -  was enlightening for us and packed with valuable advice and instructive stories for our listeners. That podcast will post sometime in the next week so stay tuned :)
BBMD tip of the week
This week's tip is more focused on lifestyle design than negotiation. We're in Seattle right now for a wedding, and being here has reminded us of the myriad studies which show that one of the most reliable ways to tank your well-being are to add more time to your commute. Our clients tend to significantly underweight the importance of commute in their lifestyle design/job search/house buying processes until we show them the following data on commuting:
But it's not all doom and gloom! Here’s what you can do about it:
  • Live closer to work or tweak your hours to minimize commute time
  • Negotiate an off-rush-hour work schedule, more money, less call, a one-time relocation bonus to live in a closer neighborhood, etc
  • An active commute seems to decrease the negative effects of a long commute, and has even been shown to increase psychological well-being, concentration, and happiness!
Quote we're contemplating

“Today is only one day in all the days that will ever be. But what will happen in all the other days that ever come can depend on what you do today." - Ernest Hemingway

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Have a wonderful weekend, all!