Saturday Morning Rounds February 15, 2020 - Celebrating the kinetic Dr. Kemi Doll

Posted by BossB, MD on February 15, 2020
BossB, MD

Saturday Morning Rounds

A weekly round-up of everything that captured our attention over the last 7 days.

What we're reading

This week's newsletter will be a bit different from what you're used to.

See, we recently had the joy of getting to know Dr. Kemi Doll, MD, MS. She's a:

  • Gynecological Oncologist
  • Researcher
  • Non-profit founder
  • Coach for women of color in academic medicine

What's more, she's created an already-great and continually growing library of content on lifestyle design & career management that everyone should know about.

And given that it's currently Black History Month in the states, it's only natural that we would take this opportunity to celebrate her and her work, and make sure that a few more people know about it. So let's dig in!

In this week's "what we're reading" section, we're going to highlight Dr. Doll's newsletter. Here's a sample in which she breaks down the 3 career roles we all need to integrate into our professional identities and split our time between:

  • Worker Bee - Gets sh*t done. Lit searches, clinic follow up, data dictionaries, student lectures, etc.

  • Scientist - Ideas, ideas, ideas. Collaborations, adapting new concepts, light-bulb moments.

  • CEO - The boss, the decider, the planner, the accountability manager.

The newsletter is concise and impactful, so rather than give away the punch line of how you can improve your orientation toward those 3 roles, we'll encourage you to take a couple minutes and go straight to the source!

Who we're following

Obviously we're following Dr. Kemi Doll (@KemiDoll)!

What might not be so obvious, however, is that Dr. Doll's Twitter feed is how we first found out about her. See, her writing talents aren't limited to grants and newsletters - she seems to have mastered the art of the Twitter thread as well.

When we saw that thread, we knew we just had to (a) click follow and (b) DM her to learn about what she's up to.

Can't recommend strongly enough that y'all do the same.

BBMD tip of the week

Is, no surprise, actually a Dr. Doll tip of the week today, in the form of a FB video!

In this ~19min video, Dr. Doll helps us move from working "in" our career to working "on" our career, in the form of a yearly self-assessment based on 4 pillars:

  • How we're using our time - Specifically how that time use is aligned w/our specific & unique value
  • Re-assessing our micro-environment - Are you getting done what you intended to get done each week? How are your tracking it? How can you tailor your environment to set yourself up for success?
  • Asking if we can see our strategy present in everything we do - Taking a 30k foot view on how your activities align with your strategy; she specifically likes to ask "how to make every single piece along the way be doing more than one thing for my career?"
  • Aligning on the plan itself - Are your 1yr and 3yr plans still reflective of your realities, values, & desires?

Quote we're contemplating

"Coaching is about slope change... it helps you recognize the antecedent issues for all that struggle. Move them aside girl. Change that trajectory and take off. We're not here for mediocrity." - Dr. Kemi Doll, MD, MS

Correction - Last week we highlighted Dr. Mary O'Connor, MD (@MaryOConnorMD), and stated that she was the first female president of AAOS. She actually wrote an article celebrating the first female AAOS president, Dr. Kristy Weber, MD. Thank you to the reader who pointed this out for us.
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Have a wonderful weekend, y'all!