Saturday Morning Rounds August 17, 2019 - #EqualityCantWait

Posted by BossB, MD on August 17, 2019
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Saturday Morning Rounds
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What we're reading

Alright, you got us. This week, it's more of a "what we're watching," but we promise you're gonna like this one.

When Melinda Gates heard about the World Economic Forum study that found that US women won't achieve gender equality for 208 years, she decided to do something about it. Well actually, she hired a bunch of comedians to do something about it - and here's why (in her own words):

“I think comedians can sometimes speak the truth to society about the things that are truly going on and that we don’t want to face. By bringing humor they…open people’s eyes, but they also hit you squarely between the eyes.”

These comedians came together and created an entertaining and thought-provoking video that serves as a great conversation starter and a good way to bring more stakeholders into the conversation. The campaign itself is called Equality Can't Wait, and we're sure that you'll be seeing more from them in the near future.

Who we're following

Equality Can't Wait has a Twitter page (@eqltycantwait) and a hashtag (#EqualityCantWait)! They've only been at it for a couple weeks but are already posting a bunch of great original content, in addition to curating some of the best gender-equality related content on the web in one place (including this video from our favorites - the US Women's National Soccer team!!).

BBMD tip of the week

One of the reasons that using comedians to share this message on gender equality makes so much sense is the fact that it brings more people into the conversation by making it less charged, less heavy, and more approachable.

Here's the exciting part - you can do this in your own conversations too! Even ones about heavy topics. And you don't have write a single punch line to do it well, either.

How, you ask? Here at BBMD, we call it taking the sting out. Essentially, it means proactively saving face for your counterpart and avoiding the emotion of defensiveness (in both them and yourself) at all costs, because you cannot have a productive conversation when one of the parties is in a defensive state.

Here's an example role play response from our negotiations curriculum that shows how one might handle even the most charged of situations:

Quote we're contemplating

"When we invest in women and girls, we are investing in the people who invest in everyone else." - Melinda Gates


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Have a wonderful weekend, all!